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About Us

Quick House Sale is based in the Southside of Glasgow. We have a great team of friendly, professional, and experienced staff ready to help you sell your home.

Quick House Sale was established by myself, Brian and my brother, Richard. We have been purchasing property since 2003 and purchased over 300 properties over a 20-year period.

Our business model started out to acquire properties from owners who wanted to cash in on their asset. They remain in their property by taking out a rental agreement directly with us remaining as their landlord. To date, we have over 20 existing owners still renting from us and we have retained a tremendous working relationship with them.

We continue purchasing properties mainly in the Glasgow area where we now manage all our properties and deal directly with all our tenants.

We have a wide and extensive knowledge of all aspects to do with the day to day running of our business and we are now entering a new and exciting development to our field with our new venture Quick House Sale Glasgow.